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Fact-Checking Broly by Kale

For centuries, the debate has raged on: which is stronger, Broly or Kale? While fighting styles and techniques vary, many have proposed that one of these fictional characters may be superior in strength, speed, and endurance. Both characters have been featured in prominent media such as manga and video games, so the comparison between the two is significant. In this article, several factors are considered in an attempt to answer the crucial question: is Broly stronger than Kale?

Background and History

Broly is a character in the popular manga series Dragon Ball Z. He is a saiyan and is known for his immense power. He is often referred to as “The Legendary Super Saiyan” or “The Legendary Super Warrior”. He has a long history of battles and victories, which have led to a significant rise in power. In the manga, he is depicted as being able to fight an entire team of formidable rivals with ease. In general, he is seen as an unparalleled fighter among his kind.

Kale is a character from the popular manga series Dragon Ball Super. She is an equivalent saiyan to Broly and is known for her incredible fighting power. She is broadly recognized as being immensely powerful, especially in her “berserk” form which is likened to that of Broly’s. She is said to have the strength of 10,000 and can defeat even the strongest of opponents. In her berserk form, she becomes even stronger.

Expert Perspectives

To better understand the debate at hand, the opinions of experts must be consulted. According to the creator of Dragon Ball Z himself, Akira Toriyama, Broly is far stronger than Kale in terms of raw power. He stated that Broly is fierce and had immense potential that surpassed both Goku and Vegeta. In terms of speed and technique, however, he stated that Kale is superior. He believes that Kale’s berserk form is an even match for Broly, but that she may have the edge since she can access it at any time. Goku’s voice actor, Sean Schemmel, also believes that Broly is much stronger than Kale in strictly raw power, but not in technique. He states that Kale has immense potential in her berserk form, but her lack of experience may be her downfall.

Own Insights and Analysis

In comparing the two characters, one must consider the significance of strength in battles. A power differential can be crucial in allowing a character to win. Therefore, it can be concluded that Broly is likely the stronger character of the two. His unparalleled power and experience give him a clear advantage if the two were to ever fight. If Kale can utilize her berserk form and use her technique to counter Broly’s immense power, then the outcome of the fight may be reversed. Until these two characters actually fight, however, we can only speculate as to who is the stronger between them.

Emotional Triggers in the Debate

The debate of Broly vs. Kale has resulted in an explosion of emotion among fans. Many have avidly stood behind their own choice of the stronger fighter and expressed immense enthusiasm regarding their support. Others have sought to deflect public opinion and have criticized the notion of declaring one or the other as the superior fighter. Regardless, many have expressed extreme enthusiasm and emotion when considering the debate and its possible outcomes. This makes the comparison between the two characters highly appealing to a vast array of Dragon Ball fans.

Differences in Fighting Style

Although the debate rages on as to who is the stronger fighter, it is important to acknowledge the various differences in fighting styles between the two saiyans. While both characters possess immense power, the way they use it varies greatly. Broly’s combat style is that of strength and brute force, while Kale’s is characterized by technique and precision. She is known to be highly adaptable which is a clear advantage in combat. In the end, it is up to the fight itself to determine the victor.

Power Levels

Power levels are an important factor to consider when discussing the debate of Broly vs. Kale. According to several sources, Broly’s power level is believed to be around 10,000, while Kale’s power level is said to be around 7,000 in her berserk form. Although this may not be an accurate representation of their respective powers, it does provide a basis for comparison. After all, the higher the power level of a character, the more likely they are to win in a battle.

Strategy and Preparation

When comparing these two characters, it is important to consider both their strategies and the way they prepare for battle. Broly is known for his immense strength and power, but he can be caught off guard if the proper strategy is used. On the other hand, Kale is often underestimated in her berserk form because of her lack of experience. However, what she lacks in experience she makes up for in her strategy. She is able to study her opponents and come up with a plan that gives her an advantage in battle. Knowing how to study an opponent is a very important part of winning a fight.

Teamwork and Fighting Position

Teamwork is an interesting factor to consider in the debate of Broly vs. Kale. Both characters are saiyans and thus, possess power that is vastly greater than that of their human counterparts. Broly is known to fight alone, while Kale is often seen fighting alongside her comrades. While this may not make a difference in a one-on-one fight, it could prove beneficial should the two be forced to fight against a larger group. Teamwork may provide an edge, since each fighter can be utilized in a way that compliments their strengths and weaknesses.

Skill and Experience

Finally, the skills and experience of the fighters must be taken into consideration. While both characters possess immense power levels, their experience in combat is what will ultimately decide the outcome of a fight. Broly has a long history of battles, and his power and skill have been evidenced time and time again. Kale, on the other hand, is relatively new to fighting but has displayed immense power, skill, and potential in her battles. Ultimately, the superior fighter will be the one who can utilize their power and experience in the most efficacious way.


Ultimately, the debate of who is stronger between Broly and Kale is an interesting one, and one that is unlikely to be definitively answered anytime soon. Both characters possess immense power, speed, and endurance, and each have their own advantages and drawbacks. Whether or not one fighter can definitively be declared the superior remains to be seen. Until then, however, the speculation and debate will no doubt continue.

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